Fall/ Winter 2023-24 | SKILLS CAMPS



  • Nov. 20 – 22
  • Nov. 23 (Creative Scrimmage 8:15 – 9:15am – ice only)
  • Jan. 3 – 5

Times (register for morning, afternoon, or both):

  • 8am – 12pm (morning) + includes 1.5 hrs ice daily
  • 12pm – 4pm (afternoon) + includes 1 hrs ice daily

Skill Level/ Ages: Beginner to advanced level 6-10 & 11-15 year olds.

*Daily and half day options available.


Fall/ Winter 2023 | SKILLS CAMPS


Dates/ Times

  • December 26 & 29 (5:30 – 6:30pm, 1 hour daily ice)

Levels/ Ages:

  • Beginner to advanced level Adult players.


Our program aims to improve hockey players in various key areas. This includes enhancing skating skills such as edge control, stride, quick starts, balance, transitions, and cross overs using both forwards and backward techniques. Puck handling is another focus, with an emphasis on control, puck protection, maintaining awareness, keeping your head up to develop good on-ice vision, and effective dekes. Additionally, the program hones shooting skills, covering wrist, snap, and backhand shots. We focus on form, stick flex, leveraging core, and understanding factors affecting shooting speed. One-on-one instruction is provided to maximize player development. Our program recognizes that becoming a strong skater is fundamental to advancing in hockey. This comprehensive training approach is designed to help players enhance their skills and advance in hockey.

*Daily options available.

Fall/ Winter 2023 | SKILLS CAMPS


Dates/ Times:

  • December 27 – 29 (8am – 12pm, 1.5 hours daily ice)

    Skill Level/ Ages:

    • Beginner to advanced level players 6-10 & 11-15 years old

    *Daily options available.

      Summer 2024 | SKILLS CAMPS



      • June 24 – 28
      • July 15 – 19
      • July 29 – Aug. 2


      • 8am – 12pm (morning) + includes 1.5 hrs ice daily
      • 12pm – 4pm (afternoon) + includes 1 hrs ice daily

      Ages: beginner to advanced level players 6-10 & 11-15 years old

      *Daily and half day options available.

      Summer 2024 | SKILLS CAMPS


      Dates: July 29 – Aug. 2, 2024


      YOUTH (6-10 & 11-15 years old)

      • 8am – 12pm (morning) + includes 1.5 hrs ice daily
      • 12pm – 4pm (afternoon) + includes 1 hrs ice daily


      • 8pm – 9pm (evening)

      Levels: Beginner to advanced level players.

      *Daily and half day options available.


      On Ice Instruction

      During the on-ice session players improve in skating (edge control, stride, balance, transitions, cross over and under, forwards and backwards techniques), puck handling (control, puck protection, keeping your head up, dekes), and shooting (wrist, snap, and backhanders). Athletes are given one-on-one instruction during key areas to maximize their development. We have found one-on-one training as the quickest way to improvement.

      It’s much easier to advance in hockey if you are a great skater. There is always room for skating improvement for players at all levels. We teach skating and use drills designed to improve athletes form, balance, coordination, power, quickness, and edge control.

      ​The puck handling exercises we use are designed to help players keep their head up and feel the puck on their stick. Good on-ice vision begins with keeping your head up with or without the puck. Great vision is essential for great plays. We also teach on effective deking methods, using your body to protect the puck, and battling to create scoring opportunities.

      The shooting drills we use enhance campers form, balance, how to use your stick, keeping the puck close to your body, using your core, proper leverage, weight transfer, and kick. We focus on shooting in stride, quick releases, and where to shoot. We also show advantages and disadvantages of different curves, flexes, and lies on the market. Which often leave a dramatic impact on shooting speed and puck control.

      Video Analysis

      Players are filmed shooting, puck handling, and skating during on-ice sessions. We then review with each player their video off the ice. During video analysis we encourage on what each player is doing right and instruct them on necessary changes.

      Off Ice Smart Training

      Now it’s your chance to apply what you’ve learned. Off-ice shooting, stick handling, and skating exercises immediately follow video analysis. Concepts are reinforced as athletes shoot a real puck on synthetic ice and stick handle an object that simulates a hockey puck. Each player is separately instructed in methods to maximize their shooting power and puck control. Players are coached in a series of off-ice puck handling drills that stress on control, soft hands, keeping your head up, and listening skills. Skating exercises consist of sprints, plyometrics, high intensity interval training, and other strength and conditioning drills. Our off-ice Smart Training is designed to improve players balance, strength, agility, and form. Drills are not copyrighted so athletes are encouraged to take them home and repeat over and over. Practice makes permanent.

      Classroom Instruction

      Classroom time is designed to teach players on how to succeed in hockey but more importantly in the game of life through Biblical based principles. Some of the topics we discuss are, “obeying authority (parents, teachers, and coaches), how to keep a winning attitude, treating others how you want to be treated, believing in yourself, fulfilling your purpose and dreams (you were created for a reason), hope beyond what you can see, God is for you and not against you, you were born to succeed, forgiven to forgive, and health and nutrition,” to name a few. The Bible is used as the foundation of our entire camp. Which means all players are treated with integrity, kindness, discipline, and respect.

      Fun & Games

      This is one of the highlights of the Camp period! Ask anyone who has attended a Victory Hockey Camp and the second word out of their mouth is, “………!” Actually we can’t tell you, but it is nine letters long. You’ll have to come to find out for yourself!

      team building

      Championship teams are built with athletes that play as a team. Each day we include a team building exercise created to help players grow in their understanding of the concept of teamwork. Exercises are challenging, fun, and cause athletes to communicate to work together.

      Off-ice Sport

      Available at our summer camps only.

      An off-ice sport follows our team building exercises. Now athletes can apply what they’ve learned through various sports that carry over into on-ice team disciplines. Our off-ice sports include soccer, ultimate frisbee, big bat softball, street hockey, etc. all of which encourage teamwork.

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